Local Food Versus Exotic Food- What’s People’s Favorite In Brooklyn?

Food is many people’s weakness. From grabbing a cotton candy to eating a full course meal foodies always choosy what they want to eat and from where they want to eat. That too in a populous city like Brooklyn where one can get everything and anything even in the wee hours at night; choosing a suitable restaurant for good food is still a debatable question among food enthusiast. Whether to eat local cuisine or exotic cuisine? Whether to go to a regular tasty joint or a themed restaurant? – are some common questions that dwell in people’s mind when they choose their eatery. But as a serious question, what is people’s favorite food option in Brooklyn? Here is a comprehensive list of what people of Brooklyn love to eat and where:

Hot sizzlers and steak in a platter

How can someone say ‘no’ to the very own Brooklyn special steaks and sizzlers that are American common food dishes? These local cuisine restaurants are plenty in and around Brooklyn that gives one a taste of a splendid cheap meal which is filling and healthy as well. Though many people love the local cuisine, eating them on a regular basis might cause a monotony of taste.

Chinese is the best

While some may disagree, Chinese food is a great part of Brooklyn as there are numerous Chinese restaurants in the county. With international students, whose taste buds refute the American steaks and burgers, the Chinese indulgence is the best way to make their hunger pangs go away. Also Chinese food has plenty of variety and is mildly spiced for anyone to eat heartily.

Pizza mania

Workaholics, students and even home maker women prefer to have pizza lunch or dinner in Brooklyn.  Wondering why does pizza score over the traditional Brooklyn cuisines? Well, this is because pizzas are home delivered in 30 minutes and one can easily grab a bite without waiting for eternity. There are numerous pizza outlets in Brooklyn which is always buzzing with activity all 24/7, thus telling loud that pizza is an all-time favorite.

Mouthwatering spaghettis

Many might disagree, but the young brigade of Brooklyn loves to gorge on Italian food. These exotic varieties are tasty, light on tummy and stays in mind for a long time. Spaghettis, Lasagna etc. prepared well in different types of herbs and sauces really make the meal sound appetizing. Also these meals are filling for stomach and light on pocket as one dish is served with vegetables and sauces altogether. Thus, among the exotic choices Italian stays ahead!

Be it eating light or heavy dinner, options are plenty at Brooklyn. All one has to do is to check the restaurant’s ambience and food variety beforehand to enjoy their meal. Also in a city like Brooklyn there are many exotic restaurants available where multi-continental food is served as well. Hence, with choices so many, it really becomes difficult for food lovers to decide on what to much on unless they have favorites of their own!

I knew from the very start that three things were needed for my success; I needed a great head chef, location, and concept. And they all had to work together.


I knew from the very start that three things were needed for my success; I needed a great head chef, location, and concept. And they all had to work together.

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