When Should I Hire A Consultant?

You should understand your business completely first. You need to be able to make smart decisions and you need to be objective. If you realized that you don’t know every facet of the business, that doesn’t make you a bad manager but calling a consultant won’t automatically fix your problem. You must be willing to listen to someone else’s ideas, follow multiple problems. The most common reasons consultants are called include:

  • Site Selection,
  • Concept Development
  • Startup And Project Development
  • Menu Design
  • Growth Strategies
  • Operating Systems
  • Accounting Systems.


Identify which areas you need the most drastic change and go from there.

Are there any other changes I could make?

A minor change you can make is restaurant times. Closing on days that have consistently less customers may be one way to go, but staying open longer can also increase profit. If you’re not usually open for lunch you’re missing out on the afternoon lunch rush. If there are many business nearby you could draw in those people who want a good meal for lunch but also want to get back to work in a timely manner. And if you’re the only cuisine restaurant in that neighborhood you could be taking advantage of this by offering a special during the lunch hour.

How Do I Keep Track Of Everything?

Get a reliable electronic management systems can eliminate low stock problems and reduce the amount of money you waste getting rid of unused product. A digital system will ensure accuracy; you can avoid any mistakes from tired workers having to manually check new records against older ones. You’ll be able to send your staff home earlier, making their hours more reasonable. Take the extra time to also update your check out process. A point of sale (POS) system that integrates all forms of payment simplifies and speeds up the process while providing more useful reports that allow you to identify peaks in demand (time or day of the week, popular months), what items you’ll need to keep in stock because that dish is a customer favorite, and server performance. Making a reasonable investment, in new or used equipment, can save a lot of money down the road and grow as your business becomes more profitable.

What If I Want To Start A Pop-Up Shop?

A pop-up shop opens a lot of options you wouldn’t have with a brick-and-mortar store. You can open them anywhere and move to where your customers are. But there are some important factors to keep in mind. You’ll need room to safely prepare and serve food, adequate space for coolers, heaters, ovens and other kitchen equipment. You don’t want your pop-up to be mobile you can open it within your own restaurant during the days and times you have a special menu. Customers who visit pop-ups want to get a different experience and if you can give it to them, they’ll be more likely to return. Pop-ups also allow you to hire temporary staff as you need them.